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Bee keeper visit

On the 12th May the KS1 children had a visit from a local beekeeper, who was a former pupil at our school.  He told the children all about different types of bee, there are solitary bees, bees that live in family groups and swarms of bees.   We had a look at different photos of bees and how they live and look after baby bees, he had even brought in some dead bees to look at.  There was a beehive made of baskets and painted with some beautiful pictures and a part of a traditional hive.  We all got to try some honey that his bees had produced and we all decided it was yummy!  He very kindly left us with the box to make our own bee hotel, so if anyone has any hollow plant stalks can we please have them to cut up to fill the hotel with.  He also left us with some seeds to plant in our sensory garden to attract bees, so we will be doing that over the next few weeks.