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Week beginning 5th September 2016

Collective Worship has this week focused on welcoming the children back to the start of their next adventure.  Mrs Martin talked to them about thankfulness tying this into their recent experience of the summer sunshine and the long holiday as well as the exciting learning lying ahead.  They have heard the Hindu story of the birth of Ganesh the Elephant God who is the symbol of wisdom and is thought to be able to take away obstacles and solve problems.  Whenever Hindu people start something new they ask Ganesh to bless them and this is the start of a new school year!  Ganesh’s birthday celebration is a festival called Ganesh Chaturthi and this was on September 5th this year.  So a great time to be finding out about Ganesh.


Week beginning 12th September

Collective Worship this week we have been thinking about Thankfulness again, in particular being thankful for the food we eat in school.  We have also been finding out about Ibrahim and Is’mail and the celebration of Eid al-Adha which took place last weekend.

Week beginning 10th October 2016

Collective Worship For Reception

We had our first service on Tuesday.  We talked about all the different things that make us special and how God thinks we are special in our own unique way.

We heard the bible story about Jesus letting the little children come to Him and blessing them.

We also watched a Veggie tales song about God loving us.


Collective Worship for KS1

We thought about all the things that we love and are thankful for.

We made our very own Thankful tree and wrote all the things we would like to thank God for and put it on display in the hall.

We thought about how the bible helps us to remember to be thankful for the world we live in and things we have.  We have been singing ‘If I were a butterfly’.

On Thursday we were delighted to have a visit from Julia Winters who came to talk to us about the charity ‘Dogs for Good’ assistance dogs and the work the dogs do in helping people.


Week beginning 17th October 2016

In collective worship this week we have been learning about online safety and you can see the power point that we used on our website (parents section/safeguarding).  We focused on what the internet is used for, how children can access it and what information is safe to share online.  We also 'talked PANTS' using the NSPCC website and taught the children about the underwear rule.  This is a simple way that parents can help to keep children safe and teach the children important messages about how their bodies belong to just them and how they should tell an adult if they're upset or worried about anything.  You can use the link below to sing along with Pantosaurus to get the conversation started at home.

Week beginning 31st October

In collective worship this week we have been learning about Diwali and we were very lucky to have Karen Davis come in and show us a dance. 


We have also had a visit from Dogs for Good.  The dogs came in to show our children the different kinds of support that they provide.  They can support children who have learning disabilities and autism, showing them how to be independent and have confidence.  The Dogs For Good also provide support for adults and families.  If you would like more info about these amazing dogs and they they make someone's life better please visit


Week beginning 7th November

Collective Worship

This week we had a visit from Wendy Dyson from the South Glos. Council to give us a talk on Road Safety. How to stay safe and seen on the road. Wendy was very kind to drop off reflectors and bookmarks for every child.  It has been great seeing so many on coats and book bags.


We also discussed Diwali’s The Festival of Lights- The festival that coincides with the Hindu New Year, it is a five day celebration of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

Week beginning 14th November

This week we have been thinking about caring for each other which is especially relevant as it is National Anti-Bullying Week. We talked about what bullying is and how it feels to be bullied. The children were very reflective about how bullying makes people feel and Harrison in Y2 suggested that we should “Be a Buddy, not a Bully”.  He has been inspired by the Brownlee brothers who are supporting this year’s anti-bullying campaign. Dhivesh in Y2 also said “be a builder not a bulldozer” and he had remembered this from when SARI visited our school last year.

Alistair Brownlee "Everybody at some point in their life experiences the effects of bullying, so if it is happening to you right now, just know that you’re not alone. I was lucky growing up to have an older brother at school who always had my back and helped me get through tough times whenever I was being picked on.  You don’t have to be a superhero to stop bullying, you just need to look out for each other and take action when you see someone in trouble. We believe that bullying at its core is an issue of self-confidence, so we would encourage kids to get out there and take up an activity they absolutely love to help build their self-esteem.  Sports gave Jonny and I the confidence to stand up to bullying and not let them get us down.  If you’re being bullied, please remember that it’s not your fault, tell a teacher, friend or family member and we promise, things will get better.”


Everyone agreed that this should be our mantra. Mrs Martin encouraged the children to tell someone if they felt that they or their friends were being bullied and gave them some strategies for dealing with bullying.

Week beginning 21st November

This week we have been focusing on Safety including E safety and road safety. Please watch the video about crossing the road safely through this link,

Week beginning 28th November

This week we have focused on being trustworthy and not gossiping. We have also had a great week for worship through singing, having continued with Christmas themed carols. ‘Silent night’ and Rudolf the red nosed reindeer’

Week beginning 5th December

This week has been a lovely week for collective worship with most of the time being spent singing about Christmas. The children really get into the spirit of Christmas when they are singing. We have been learning ‘Jingle bells’, ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ and ‘Rudolph the red nose Reindeer’ it really has been such a treat to hear the children’s beautiful singing to some lovely classics

Week beginning 12th December

We have been performing our nativity this week.  It was fantastic again this year and the Year 1 children performed and narrated brilliantly. We would like to thank Dhivesh and Alfie in Y2 for their superb solo performances. The Year Twos sang beautifully to begin the Nativity, followed by the choir who were fabulous as always. Special thanks to Y1 staff for working so hard on the performance, YR and Y2 staff for preparing the children so well and to Mrs Arnot, Mrs Rogers and Mrs Doman for their hardwork with the choir. Reception did themselves proud to close the service and shone despite it being their first performance in the Church.