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Christian value for term 5 & 6 - Inspired

Week beginning 11th April

Our Christian Value for the next two terms is ‘Inspired’ by… Hope and Creation and this week the whole school talked about how our senses (sight, taste, smell, touch and sound) can make us feel inspired and how the Bible tells us that God created the world for us to enjoy with all the senses we have been given. 

We have also watched the story of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, as Vaisakhi,  (A Festival to celebrate the beginning of the Sikh New Year),  was on April 13th.

Week beginning 18th April

This week we have looked at the value of ‘Humility’ and how this can be lived by serving others.  We have related this to the Queen’s 90th birthday looking at her role as the British monarch.  We have also learned about St George, patron saint of England, both the facts about the real man and the legend of his courageous encounter with a dragon in order to save the life of a princess.  We have listened to the National Anthem and recognised the Union flag as a symbol of belonging to Britain and the St George’s Cross as an emblem of England and a component of the Union flag.

Week beginning 25th April

This week collective worship was based on being inspired by hope.  This was through the story of the life and work of George Muller, a Christian who built orphanages in Bristol and improved the lives of many children.

Week beginning 3rd May

This week collective worship has been based in the classrooms as we have been having the hall windows replaced.  We have been learning about British Traditions following May Day and ‘The Birth of the Blue God’ (Hindu Story).

Week beginning 9th May

We shared the Kindness Boomerang video to think about being caring towards our community and how that could look.

We also talked about Bristol Rovers’ inspirational triumph last weekend and how their anthem ‘Irene Goodnight Irene’ made us feel when we listened to it.

Week beginning 16th May

Collective Worship

This week we have talked about being inspired using our senses and the children started to record their ideas for the ‘Inspiration Tree’ in the hall.

Mr Wilkinson also came over to lead our worship on Tuesday and talked to the children about the British Value of Freedom.  He put this into context by telling them the bible story of Moses and how, over a thousand years ago, the Jews were living as slaves in Egypt.  Moses led the Jews out of slavery in Egypt and led them to the Holy Land that God had promised them.  We then all really enjoyed singing Louis Armstrong’s ‘Let my people go’.

Week beginning 6th June 2016

Collective Worship

Emma King led our Collective Worship on Tuesday and revisited the inspiring events of Wonder Week.  The children also really enjoyed singing some of the songs again.


On Thursday we were inspired by the Hindu story of creation and identified symbols of world religions.  We linked this with the British Values and Sachin pointed out the importance of respect.  We also noticed some similarities between some religions.


Every day a different class is chosen to sit on benches at the back of the hall as a reward for coming into the hall sensibly and so far this week Daisy and Chestnut classes have earned this reward.  Lots of children are also selected to sit on the brilliant behavior bench to set a good example to the other children

Week beginning 13th June

Collective Worship

This week the RNLI visited our school to talk to the children about how to stay safe near water when they are on holiday in the summer

Week beginning 20th June

Collective Worship

Monday’s Collective Worship marked World Refugee Day and the children heard the story of ‘The Good Samaritan.  On Thursday we learned about ‘Every Child’s Rights’ through the Unicef Website.  The children were very engaged in this Collective Worship and felt very concerned that some children wouldn’t be cared for and protected.  

Week beginning 4th July

Collective Worship

Collective worship has been around children’s rights and responsibilities as both members of our school and of the wider community.  We were also lucky to have the library staff share our worship on Monday.


Week beginning 11th July

This week we have been thinking about friendship, including that of Jesus.  We have heard about the birth of The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and the celebration of Eid ul Fitr which happened on 5th July this year