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Family history day

On Wednesday 31st January we held a family history day and were thrilled that lots of Grand Parents and Parents turned up through the morning to talk and show the children about the things they played with as a child.  The children were really engaged with their learning and enjoyed talking to all our visitors and learning about their favourite toys.  A huge thank you to Mrs Courtney, Mrs Newby and our school Governors for organising the refreshments and to all our visitors for coming along - it was a fabulous day.

Here are a few comments from our visitors book:-


'Thank you so much for the lovely cakes and coffee. It was a lovely afternoon and the children were so well behaved.  It was also lovely to see how interested they were in peoples old toys.  Thank you.'


' As a Gran loved reminiscing.   Wish I'd bought more games from home.  I've had a really fun day.'


'Thank you for letting me talk to the children over a cup of coffee and cake.  They were very animated and I think we all enjoyed exchanging talk about our toys both past and present.'


'Lovely event, so nice to see Grandparents coming into school.  Thanks for great tea and cakes.'


'A most interesting and enjoyable experience but we have decided not to become teachers!  The children all had a lovely time but we now need to rest.'


'Thank you for arranging a lovely afternoon, delicious tea and cakes and lots of fascinating talks with the children.  Delightful!'