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KS1 Westonbirt trip

To finish off this terms topic of survival the KS1 children went on a trip to Westonbirt Arboretum.  We found out that there are 15,000 labelled trees (around 2,500 different types of tree) which come from Britain, China, North America, Japan, Chile and other temperate climates. Planting started in the 1850s by Robert Holford; the rich Victorian landowner to whom the Westonbirt estate belonged. 


We got to explore the arboretum and particularly enjoyed the very colourful acer area. We then thought about what animals live there and how they survive.  The best bit was each group were given a badger that had some hot water in his tummy and had to make him a sett to hibernate in.  We then went and found food types for different animals and when we went back to the badgers we had to measure the temperate of the water to see which one was the warmest and who had built the best sett.  It was a really fun day!      smiley