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Mighty Multiples

The Mighty Multiples Tips for Parents


Times Table Facts


2 times table

They are always even numbers.

5 times table

They always end in a 0 or a 5.

10 times tables

The beginning of the answer is always in the question!

2 x 10 =20

9 times tables

The 9x table has a pattern-can you spot it?







Learning on the way to school


Ask your child questions such as

“If we pass 4 shops on the way to school and 4 shops on the way home from school.  How many shops do we pass in a day, in a week?”

Speed Tests

“How many times tables questions can you answer before we reach the post box, can you do them out of order?”

Assign values to car colours, for example a red car is worth 5 points; “If you spot 10 red cars on the way to school how many points do you have altogether?”

Play times table tennis. You start with a number. Your child gives the next number and you continue until you get stuck.  For example recite the 10 times table.  Start this on Monday and use the same table all week.  How high can you get by Friday?


Learning the times tables when shopping


“If every person in our family eats 2 pears a day,  how many do we need to buy for the week?”

Assign points to items of food for example, “ Each banana is worth 2 points.  How many points are there in a bunch?”

Count coins, 2ps, 5ps, 10ps and link to the times tables.

“There are 6 eggs in a box. How many eggs will there be in 5 boxes?”


Learning the times tables in the park


Play football.  Every goal you score is worth 10 points! How many points do you have in total at the end of the game?

Time how long it takes your friend to run around the bandstand.  Count in steps of 2, 3, 4, 5…


Can you think of some fun games to help you learn?