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Old Down Estate trip

On Tuesday 19th April the KS1 children went on a trip to Old Down Estate to start off their topic of 'From farm to fork'.  They got to experience many aspects of farm life.  They saw large farm anmals in the adventure playground area and small animals in the pets corner.  There was a talk from one of the staff members about why eggs were in the incubator and how they hatch and they saw some newly hatched chicks.  They also had a go at milking a cow and found out how they are milked by machine.  In the orchard they found a hidden fairy garden and went into a yurt to plant some seeds to make a grass head.  It was good fun climbing over styles and exploring the woods.  They also had a talk with the gardener to find out what fruit and vegetables are grown at Old Down and found out they are used in the restaurant and sold in the farmshop.  If you want to find out more about Old Down then have a look at their website at


The year 2 children have this week been looking at information pages and text boxes.  Why don't you have a go at writing an information page on something you found out today.  Heres an interesting fact that you could put into a fact box - Did you know?  A male peacock is called a peacock, a female is a peahen and a baby is a peachick!  Also a baby guinea pig is called a pup.