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Poppy Class Service

Poppy Class performed their class service and told us a story of Courage.  Mr Wolf decided to make some pancakes and asked his friends if they would help him.  It was a great way to start the morning and really made us giggle.  The children were amazing and showed lots of courage by standing up in front of everyone and using some big loud voices.  We hope you enjoyed it.

Here are some comments from our visitors book:-


'What a brilliant service! Poppy Class were so brave - it was amazing.  We really enjoyed it and felt very proud.'


'Well done Poppy Class! I am so proud of you all for showing courage and performing so well! You all did your very best and had fun - that's the best part!!!'


'Amazing service, really big well done to all the children. Very brave!'


'An amazing service the children were all absolutely fantastic.'


'Fabulous story - great courage and so well presented.  This show will go far! Well done.'