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Term 5

Week beginning 10th April 2018

This term we are learning about Thankfulness and the bible story ‘The 10 lepers’. The launch of this value has been perfectly illustrated as we have celebrated the incredible act of kindness by Nik Whiteside as he has embarked on the Marathon des Sables 2018 this week. We talked about showing thankfulness to this incredible dad who is undertaking such a mighty challenge to raise money for our schools. 

Week beginning 16th April 2018

This week we have been thinking about who we should be thankful to in school and also celebrated Nik Whiteside returning home safely. We also said thankyou and goodbye to our first GLOW team as now 6 new children will have the opportunity in this role. In Term 6 a further 6 children will be chosen.

Week beginning 23rd April 2018

This week our new GLOW team helped Belinda, a Foundation Governor, to encourage the children about thankfulness. I also talked to the children about grown-ups in school being there to help if they were scared about how an adult at home may be treating them, if an adult in school scared or hurt them or if they had any safeguarding worries at all. Obviously we sincerely hope that something awful like that will never happen but it is crucial that the children know they can talk to us and ask for help. 

Week beginning 7th May 2018

This week we were lucky enough to welcome Nik Whiteside to our Collective Worship so that he could share his experience of the Marathon Des Sables and so we could say a huge thank you. He also presented us with a very large cheque for £3500 which we plan to spend on an outdoor music system and staging so the children can do dance, drama and role play at lunchtimes and some loose play equipment. The children were completely inspired by Nik who is our absolute hero.