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Term 5

Week beginning 2nd May 2017

In Collective Worship this week we have introduced our Christian Value for Term 5 to be Inspired by Hope. Mrs Dickinson used Usain Bolt as an example to inspire the children and Mrs Martin talked about Desmond Tutu and how he fought to end apartheid in South Africa. The children looked at a rainbow as being a symbol of hope and our school logo to show two different hands together promoting peace and friendship. 


Week beginning 8th May 2017

The children learned about how Jesus liked to tell parables to inspire hope and we shared a story about a tiny seed growing into something that could give to so many. We then expanded this by learning about George Muller who founded orphanages in Bristol when Cholera affected so many children leaving them without care, love and education. He had nothing but had the belief that God would give him hope and managed to support over £2,000 with financial support from others. On Tuesday we had a great fun, loud service throwing paper aeroplane prayers through different size hoops. We talked about how God hears our prayers everywhere and that we can pray anyway we like, even by throwing paper planes! 

Week beginning 15th May

We've had visits from Andrew’s Aunt who is an Optometrist to talk to the children about the importance of eye health and the RNLI to talk to the children about water safety in the summer.


Week beginning 22nd May

On Wednesday it was a delight to take collective worship in the CCJ forest school. We followed the theme of Creation. We thought about the amazing world that God created for us and about how amazing and unique we are.