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Water aid

Water aid provides safe water, sanitation and hygiene education to some of the world's poorest people.  This year, just one of the communities Wateraid will be reaching is Simango Basic School in Zambia.  In its 70 year history, the school has never had a water supply, and only 9 toilets for 800 pupils.


It costs just £2 for one metre of pipeline needed to transport clean, safe water across the developing world.  The pupil pipeline challenge is a fun and educational challenge for schools to help raise these vital funds for Water aid.


Pupils need to pass one of more buckets, bottles, jars, cups or even wellies filled with water along the line without dripping a drop.  Or they can design their own water carrying device or pipe.


Maple class

Maple class 1
Maple class 2
Maple class 3
Maple class 4
Maple class 5
Maple class 6
Maple class 7
Maple class 8
Maple class 9
Maple class 10
Maple class 11
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Maple class 16
Maple class 17

Rowan class

Rowan class 1
Rowan class 2
Rowan class 3
Rowan class 4
Rowan class 5
Rowan class 6
Rowan class 7
Rowan class 8
Rowan class 9
Rowan class 10
Rowan class 11
Rowan class 12
Rowan class 13
Rowan class 14
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Rowan class 18

Sunflower class

Sunflower class 1
Sunflower class 2
Sunflower class 3
Sunflower class 4
Sunflower class 5
Sunflower class 6
Sunflower class 7
Sunflower class 8
Sunflower class 9
Sunflower class 10
Sunflower class 11
Sunflower class 12
Sunflower class 13
Sunflower class 14
Sunflower class 15
Sunflower class 16
Sunflower class 17
Sunflower class 18
Sunflower class 19
Thank you to everyone that has sent in donations, we will let you know how much has been raised as soon as it has all been counted.