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Guide to reading

Dear Parents/Carers,


This school year has brought with it many changes to the curriculum and assessment within schools across England. Your child is now working from the New 2014 Curriculum, which has an increased level of expectation for your child. Due to the increased curriculum demands placed on schools it is no longer possible for teaching staff to hear every child read on a one to one, weekly basis.


Christ Church Infants School is dedicated to ensuring your child achieves their full potential during their time with us. In order to make sure we achieve this, it is more important than ever we work together in a strong home-school partnership. We value the support you provide your children at home and wish to collaborate to strengthen this support. We will be running different curriculum evenings for parents throughout the year, starting with the rescheduled Reading evening on Tuesday 24th November


 The following is a breakdown of how your child’s reading is supported and assessed in school:


  • A 30 minute guided reading session every week

These sessions provide an opportunity for the teaching staff to hear your child read and discuss a wide range of text types. Guided Reading supports (where possible) the text type studied in English lessons at that time, e.g when your child is studying non-fiction texts we will learn about non-fiction texts in guided reading.


  • In English lessons

Your child will have daily opportunities to read in class during English lessons. Every unit in English is based around a different text type. Throughout each unit we ensure there are a variety of books, poems, stories etc available for your child to read. During these times they have the chance to read with both adults and their peers.


  • Twice every term, one to one, with teaching staff

Teaching staff spend 15 minutes daily reading on a one to one basis with children. This is an opportunity for your child to read out loud and discuss the story they are reading. This is also one of the many assessment opportunities available, during which time we can check if your child is ready to move to the next ‘reading band’.


  • Weekly with a reading volunteer, on a one to one basis

We are very fortunate that we have so many parents who have volunteered their time to come into school and read with the children. Each class has reading volunteers assigned to them. Teachers from these classes will ensure your child has the opportunity to be heard weekly by these volunteers. The volunteers will read with the same children in order to ensure a relationship is formed and more importantly, knowledge of your child’s reading ability.


  • Individual booster support for some children

This is provided for children who may require additional support for their reading, for a variety of reasons. Short sessions are found throughout the teaching day to give these children extra exposure to reading and phonics. Your child’s teacher will speak to you about this support should they feel your child would benefit from this.


As you can see reading is experienced in many ways within school, however hearing your child read daily is one way that you can greatly support their learning at home.


We would ask that you enjoy a reading experience with your child every day at home. We appreciate that children can be very tired at the end of the day and this can be a challenge! However reading can take many forms, from looking at a shopping list or recipe for dinner together, to you reading a bedtime story and discussing what has happened.


If you would like any ideas or to discuss anything in this letter please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Your continued support is greatly appreciated.



English Subject Leader

We use a wide range of reading books in school but we follow the Oxford reading scheme colour book bands for our reading levels.