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Term 3 - Courage

Week Beginning Monday 10th February

This week the children's award goes to Grayson in Y2.  His much loved dog sadly died and despite feeling really sad he has shown great courage and has been supporting his Mummy when she has been really sad.  He also wrote a poem about his loss and shared this with the class.  Grayson we think you are an incredibly resilient and brave little boy, well done.


Week Beginning Monday 3rd February

This week each year group performed a song to the rest of the school about Courage and absolutely shone in some inspiring performances.  The children also learnt about the story of 'The Lion inside' and finding your brave. 


Week Beginning Monday 27th January

This week we launched our 'Wonderful Walking' and talked to the children about having 'pride in the badge' (the school logo).  We also talked about having the courage to face a challenge and how we could support each other to do this.  Jo Vickery and Helen Buick also came in to teach the children the Lord's Prayer and Bible Club did an incredible job of performing this with actions.


Week Beginning Monday 20th January

This week we heard stories about famous people who have shown great courage for not giving up and pushing themselves, we also learnt about Chinese New Year.


Week Beginning Monday 13th January

This week we had a visit from Belinda and her puppy puppet Jack.  They told us the story of Daniel and the Lions and explained how Christians believe that because Daniel believed he had God by his side it gave him the courage to pray and stand up for what he believed in.  The GLOW team helped Belinda and were fantastic!  We also thought about the phrase ‘stepping out of your comfort zone’ and showing courage to face challenges.


Week Beginning Monday 6th January

In our worship time this week we thought about what Courage meant, drawing on real examples in school such as Imogen being brave enough to go the Pantomime even though she was scared and we also went to Christ Church for Helen Buick to tell us the story of David and Goliath.