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Term 3 - Courage

Week beginning 7th January 2019

Our topic this term is. Our new Christian Value is Courage and the Bible Story that links with this is David and Goliath. We went to Christ Church this week for a special service with Helen Buick where she introduced this Bible Story.

Week beginning 21st January 2019

This week we have been learning about inspirational stories of courage and watched the clip of Derek Redmond running in the 1992 Olympic Games, becoming injured mid race but finding the courage to complete the race. I was so impressed to see that Teddy and Jonah already knew about this incredible man after reading about him. We also had a whole school assembly to remind everyone what each of our ELLI animals signifies and to give out the beautiful soft toy sets to each class that the Friends have very generously paid for. These toys will really help us to reinforce the learning skills we are trying to promote in school such as the Curious Cat and the Creative Unicorn.

Week beginning 4th February 2019

This week we have been learning about how to use the internet safely and how staff have been role models in showing courage and overcoming their fears with the support of others.