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Term 4 - Perserverance

Week Beginning Monday 2nd March

This week there are two children who have been recognised for perseverance in their reading – Sienna and Nicholas who are both in Y1.  We are so very proud of you both for never giving up even though it can be so hard to learn to read.  The staff awards goes to Miss Robbins and Mrs Marsh, who despite feeling really poorly this week have both persevered and come to school and you wouldn’t know that they are feeling under the weather.


Week Beginning Monday 24th February

This week the children's value award goes to Sonny in Y1.  Sonny showed great perseverance in the Archery after initially finding it hard.  Sonny you were incredibly brave, well done!  The staff award for Perseverance goes to Mrs Gardner for being incredibly patient and trying many different strategies to help a child who needed some support with behaviour.