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School council for 2017-18

28th June 2018

The school Council were very pleased to welcome parents and grown ups into school for a coffee morning to say thank you for all the help they have given to us in school this year.  They had written the invites, gave out the cakes and were very brave and stood up in front of everyone to say thank you to everyone.  They also helped Mrs Martin open a special parcel that contained wooden name boards for the new class names, which were very kindly made by one of the parents. 

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April 2018

In our meeting this term the children were thinking about how we can solve the problem of football getting to rough at lunchtimes,  Some of the the suggestions were different year groups play on different days, we have a girls only day, some children become referees and possibly use a red/yellow card system for rough playing.


We also discussed some possible new class names for next year and the School Council children put forward their favourite animals they would like.

February 2018

In our meeting this term we welcomed the new Reception School Council members to their first meeting.  We had an important job of looking at some equipment for the playground development and passing on our comments to Mrs Martin - it was quite exciting!

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November 2017

The School council members have been busy supporting Children in need and have been collecting in donations and selling Children in need stickers.

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Our new school council members have been elected and have made a great start on the jobs they need to do.  One of the first jobs they have done is selling poppies for remembrance day, they took it in turns to visit the other classes each morning and sold all the poppies.  



School Council members for 2016-17

School Council members for 2016-17 1

We now have 2 School Council members from each class and have had our first proper meeting where we discussed what the members need to do.


Meeting 18th October 2016

We talked about the jobs that the children need to do such as tidying the reading books in the hall every Tuesday lunchtime.  Collecting the fruit for their class everyday - starting after half term, and helping to make some important decisions and taking the information back to their classes. We discussed how the timber trail bars are used and how the children can become more involved in worship time.

Meeting 8th November 2016

In this weeks meeting the children discussed how tidying of the books are going and that they are remembering to collect the class fruit each day.  It was decided that the Year 2 children would take it in turns to sell Poppies each afternoon this week.  We also discussed possible talk topics for this term.  The children came up with some rules for using the timber trail and they will make a video of the School Council members using the timber trail correctly.

Meeting 23rd November 2016

This week the School Council went into the playground and made a video of how to use the timber trail safely, they had previously decided the rules we should stick to.   They then took it in turns to demonstrate how to move across it safely and using the video to record it.  We are planning on sharing our work with the rest of the school during collective worship.

7th December 2016

Today the School Council presented the video they had made about using the timber trail to the rest of the school.   They were very brave and stood up in front of everyone, introduced themselves and explained what they had been doing and why.

Tuesday 13th December 2016

The school council helped out today with the interviews for the office admin assistant post to cover Mrs Mays maternity leave.  They had thought about some questions they would like to ask and then took it in turns to ask the candidates .  They were all amazing and performed their tasks brilliantly. 

17th January 2016

For todays' meeting the children were discussing Red Nose day and would they would like to do for fundraising.  They came up with the following suggestions:-

Wearing red noses.  Wearing red clothes.   Selling red noses at school.  Selling stickers on Red Nose day.

Keep an eye on future newsletters to see which suggestion we have voted for,


March 2017

The children have been asked to help with interviewing new school staff, so as a team they discussed which questions they would like to ask and then on interview days they interviewed the candidates, very confidently as well!

May 2017

As part of our Wonder week celebrations we are raising money for our link school in Uganda to help them buy some table for their new school building.


The school council decided they would like to do some fund raising of their own and came up with some ideas of how they could do this.  In the end they decided on asking people to donate 5p.  So they arranged for each class to have a collection pot and each council member spoke to their class and asked everyone to see if they could bring some in until the end of term.


11th July 2017

The School Council arranged a thank you coffee morning with some yummy cakes from Little Lily Cakes for all the people that have come into school this year to help.  The school choir came along to sing and the children presented everyone with a certificate as a little token of our appreciation.