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Please feel free to contact all the Governors. We we will try to help in anyway possible.


Name Category Appointing body Term of office Committee Membership Additional Responsibilty Business & Pecuniary Interest Relationships- staff/pupil
Nick Richley Co-Opt Governing Body 15/12/13-15/12/17 Finance/Pay Chair None Declared No
Charlotte Munday Co-Opt Governing Body 29/2/16-28/2/19 Standards SEND Governor Child in School Pupil
Vacancy Co-Opt Governing Body          
Gareth Jones Co-Opt Governing Body 1/9/17-31/8/20 Ethos/Standards Deputy Head/Assessment Deputy Head Staff
Nick Lee Co-Opt Governing Body 29/2/16-28/2/19 Finance/Pay Chair Finance Child In school Pupil
Julie Wilkins Co-Opt Governing Body 29/3/18-28/3/21 Finance   None declared No
Teresa Marsh Staff Governing Body 29/3/17-28/3/20 Standards Pupil Premium Child in school, HLTA Staff/Pupil
Anna Martin Head Governing Body 28/3/12



  Headteacher Staff
Janet Biggin LA LA 9/1/15-14/1/19 Finance LAC Parish Council No
Mike Rylands Parent Parent Body 27/2/17-26/2/21 Standards   Child in school/teacher Pupil/Staff
Paul Graham Parent Parent Body 7/11/16-6/11/20 Standards   Child in school Pupil
Jo Vickery Foundation Diocese 1/9/15 Ethos   Church use of buildings no
Belinda Stowe Foundation Diocese 15/5/17-15/5/21 Ethos/Standards   Sunday school no
Emily Ross Foundation Diocese 1/11/17-31/10/21 Ethos   Child in school Pupil
Jacky Wood Co-Opt Governing Body 28/3/18-27/3/21 Finance   None Declared No

What is the Governing Body?


The governing body acts collectively and the first loyalty of every governor must be to the school. Governors support the staff and the Co-Headteachers of the school but will also act as a ‘critical friend’. The role is strategic not operational. The heads and staff manage the day to day running of the school.



What do school governors do?


School governors work as a team, liaising closely with the Co-Headteachers to make key decisions vital to the successful running of the school. The governors appoint the Co-Headteachers and make decisions that directly affect the education and well-being of the children. They play an important role in improving standards throughout the school and agree the school’s budget.


Role of governors


School governors are drawn from different parts of the community. This helps ensure the governing body have sufficient diversity of views and experience. 


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Details of all the Governors meetings can also be found in the dairy dates section.





Minutes for the Governors meetings