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Being an Athlete

“Physical education makes every child stronger and every life longer.”


Lead Athlete: Emma Botteley


At Christ Church Infants we want Physical Education to be a subject that every child can enjoy and be successful in. We believe that a child’s early experiences are the building blocks for their adult lives, developing the core memories and fundamental movement skills that act as the foundations for future physical activity. We want to ensure that children create positive relationships with physical activity for life.


CCI’s vision:

“We want our pupils to leave CCI with a love of PE, physical activity and sport. Children will learn lifelong skills such as collaboration, decision making, leadership and empathy and will go on to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.”



At CCI, pupils will participate in 2 PE lessons per week. The first lesson of the week is focussed on developing the key fundamental skills of movement using the REAL PE curriculum. The second lesson of the week focuses on either Dance, Gym, Games or Water Skills.

We are very fortunate to have our own swimming pool which we are able to use for 3 terms of the year. In term 1, KS1 have exclusive use of the pool whilst our new EYFS pupils settle into school and in terms 5 & 6, both EYFS and KS1 pupils will use the pool.

We ensure the PE curriculum is differentiated to meet all pupils’ learning styles and needs as well as challenging them appropriately to their stage of development.


To encourage a lifelong passion for physical activity, pupils are offered a variety of opportunities beyond the CCI PE curriculum. 

Pupils are able to engage in a range of competitions at both intra and inter school level with our PE schools partner, the CSET academy trust.  We hold a yearly sports week in the Summer term where pupils are able to experience a range of sports and take part in new opportunities to further encourage a passion for sport and physical activity.


Alongside their lessons, pupils have the opportunity to participate in a range of extra- curricular after school sports clubs such as dance mash up, football and gymnastics. We employ a sports coach for 3 lunchtimes a week to engage and inspire the children to be active during their lunch break. We also provide weekly enrichment sessions for 2 classes per week, where children are able to participate in a sport and learn the basic skills involved eg hockey, tennis. We have many links with local sports clubs and promote local clubs.

Extra curricular sporting achievements are invited, shared and celebrated in our school weekly newsletter under the ‘celebrating sporting success’ headline.  Pupils are encouraged to take on leadership roles within PE and we have sports leaders in Year 2 throughout the Summer Term who help to promote and organise active games at playtimes.


Regular movement breaks are encouraged throughout the day at CCI and each class will additionally take part in 10 minutes of DPA (daily physical activity) where they will move and get active! Classes are free to choose where in the day they take their DPA and how e.g use the daily mile track on the field, cosmic yoga, just dance, climbing equipment on the playground, bikes and scooters.


How is being an athlete organised at CCI?



As Lead athlete, I have a detailed and clear action plan that specifies the times throughout the year that I will carry out subject monitoring and look at the impact of the implementation.


I will monitor teaching and learning by:

  • Data analysis using our data tracking system to identify pupils working below, at and above the expected standards and will use this data to challenge key groups and to identify support and additional guidance for those who need to close the gap.
  • carry out pupil conferencing with pupils across the school from EYFS to Year 2.
  • lesson observations to monitor provision and feedback to staff
  • collect photographic evidence from lessons plus additional sporting events
  • reporting standards to parents 3 times per year