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Managing Emotions and Behaviour

Emotion Coaching

At CCI we use Emotion coaching to help support children with their behaviour and managing their emotions.  This links really well with the highly visual Zones of Regulation which helps children to recognise their emotions and label them.

What is Emotion coaching and how does it work?

  • Emotion coaching is about helping children to become more aware of their emotions and to manage their own feelings particularly during instances of misbehaviour. It entails validating children's emotions, setting limits where appropriate and problem-solving with the child to develop more effective behavioural strategies.

Zones of Regulation


At CCI we help use Zones of Regulation to help teach the children to recognise their emotion and how teach strategies to help them manage these.

How does Zones of Regulation help children?


  • Teaches children emotional vocabulary
  • How to recognise their own emotions and how this might feel physically
  • How to recognise 'detect' emotions of others
  • What might trigger different emotions
  • How others might see and understand their behaviour (You say you are fine but...)
  • Problem solving skills

Zones of regulation credit:
Tracy, Founder of the Child Therapy Service CIC