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Christ Church C of E VC Infant School

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Meet the Team

Teachers and Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Anna Martin (Head Teacher)

Name: Mrs Anna Martin

Role(s): Head Teacher


Mr Jones (Deputy Head and Penguin Class Teacher)

Name: Mr Jones

Role(s): Deputy Head Teacher and Penguin Class Teacher


Mrs Dickinson

Name: Mrs Dickinson

Role(s): SENCO and Pupil Premium Lead

Availability: In school Monday - Wednesday


Miss Robbins (Tiger Class Teacher)

Name: Miss Robbins

Role(s): Tiger Class Teacher


Miss Smith (Panda Class Teacher)

Name: Miss Smith

Role(s): Panda Class Teacher


Mrs Botterley (Lion Class Teacher)

Name: Mrs Botteley

Role(s): Crocodile Class Teacher (Monday & Tuesday)


Mrs Mills (Lion Class Teacher)

Name: Mrs Mills

Role(s): Lion Class Teacher (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)


Mrs Rylands (KS1 Lead and Cheetah Class Teacher)

Name: Mrs Rylands

Role(s): KS1 Lead & Cheetah Class Teacher


Miss Gould (Giraffe Class Teacher)

Name: Miss Gould

Role(s): Zebra Class Teacher


Mrs Jenkins (Crocodile Class Teacher)

Name: Mrs Jenkins

Role(s): Penguin Class Teacher (Monday & Tuesday)


Miss Essex (Crocodile Class Teacher)

Name: Miss Essex

Role(s): Crocodile Class Teacher (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)


Mrs Jefferies (Penguin Class Teacher)

Name: Mrs Jefferies

Role(s): Lion Class Teacher (Monday & Tuesday)


Miss Chevassut (Zebra Class Teacher)

Name: Miss Chevassut

Role(s): Giraffe Class Teacher



Support Staff

Mrs DomanMiss Lewis

Name: Mrs Doman

Role: HLTA (Lion Class)

Name: Miss Cameron

Role: Apprentice TA 

Name: Miss Lewis

Role: SEN TA  & Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs RogersMrs DouglasMs Llewellyn

Name: Mrs Rogers

Role: TA (Panda Class) & Lunchtime Supervisor

Name: Mrs Douglas

Role: SEN TA & Lunchtime Supervisor

Name: Ms Llewellyn

Role: HLTA (Tiger Class)

Mrs Fricker

Name: Miss Manning

Role: Apprentice TA

Name: Ms Fricker

Role: HLTA (Cheetah Class)

Name: Miss Hooper

Role: TA

Miss PhillipsMrs MayMrs Marsh

Name: Miss Phillips

Role: Apprentice TA 

Name: Mrs Brock

Role: HLTA (Crocodile Class)


Name: Mrs Marsh

Role: HLTA (Penguin Class)

Mrs GardnerMrs Courtney

Name: Mrs Newby

Role: TA Tiger

Name: Mrs Gardner

Role: HLTA (Zebra Class)

Name: Mrs Courtney

Role: SEN TA 

Name: Miss Evans

Role: School Business Manager

Name: Mrs Lendrum

Role: School Office

Availability: Mon and Tues

Name: Miss Lumbard

Role: School Office

Availability: Wed, Thurs and Fri

Mrs PittawayMrs SmallcombeMrs Mitchell

Name: Mrs Pittaway

Role: Kitchen Staff

Name: Mrs Smallcombe

Role: Kitchen Staff

Name: Mrs Mitchell

Role: Kitchen Staff

Miss FussellMrs DoeMrs Kaur

Name: Miss Fussell

Role: Lunchbreak Supervisor

Name: Mrs Doe

Role: Lunchbreak Supervisor

Name: Mrs Kaur

Role: Lunchbreak Supervisor

Mrs PocockMrs SmitheramMrs Newby

Name: Mrs Pocock

Role: Lunchbreak Supervisor

Name: Mrs Smitheram

Role: Lunchbreak Supervisor

Name: Mrs Newby

Role: Lunchbreak Supervisor

Mrs Smallman

Name: Miss Westbury

Role: Lunchbreak Supervisor

Name: Mrs Masters

Role: Lunchbreak Supervisor

Name: Mrs Smallman

Role: Lunchbreak Supervisor

Mr Atkinson 

Name: Mr Atkinson

Role: School Caretaker

Name: Miss Sharon Starbuck

Role: SEN TA (Giraffe Class)




Please see Governor Information for details of our school governors.