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I want to know more about becoming a governor

Caring Governors, Courageously Challenging, Inspiring All

Who can become a governor?



You do not have to be an education expert and anyone over the age of 18 can be a governor, unless prior convictions or bankruptcy would prevent you from working with children or managing the school finances.


A diverse governing body is really beneficial as it brings together different backgrounds and experiences which can help creative thinking and diverse knowledge within the governing body, aiding decision making in key areas. Christ Church Infants is a school which welcomes and cares for all. The governors embrace the same ethos and would welcome governors from any background who care about the school and it's local community and want to invest their time as a governor.

Why should I become a governor?

If you've already got your hands full, the idea of joining a school’s governing body may seem a commitment too far, requiring more hard work and effort than you've got time for.


But it can be one of the most rewarding and satisfying ‘jobs’ that you'll ever have.


Being a governor allows you to share your skills and experience for a real benefit to the school and it's community, it is a great way to give something back and to help shape the school into one that best serves those that attend and the people who live nearby. It is also a great forum to build new skills and experiences that can help you in your work and wider life such as in team work, problem solving or leadership.


Being a governor also allows you to meet people from across the community and form connections with others who you may not otherwise get to meet. The role also gives the governors insight and influence within the school and presents a range of opportunities to be an active part of the school life, with staff, pupils and parents.

What types of governor are there?

A school governing body has 5 types of governors, representing different perspectives into the governing body:


  • Foundation Governors - appointed by the Foundation, that is the Bristol Diocese of the Church of England
  • Parent Governors -elected by Parents and Carers of pupils at the school
  • Staff Governors - the Head Teacher those elected by School Staff
  • LA Governors - appointed by the Local Authority
  • Co Opted Governors – appointed by the Governing Board


The application and appointment process for each type of governor varies, as does the number of each type of governor within the governing body. However there is opportunities to change the type of governor for an existing governor. This gives the Christ Church Infants governing body a lot of flexibility in appointing new governors, so if you are interested in being a governor at Christ Church Infants, the existing governors and the clerk can support you in determining the best application process to follow - just get in touch via the governor contact form or through the school.

What does a governor do?

All governors are part of the Full Governing Body, who meet together once a term to discuss and agree a wide range of topics around the school strategic leadership. The governors will:


  • Set the aims and objectives for the school
  • Set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • Set the targets for achieving those aims and objective
  • Monitor and evaluate progress the school is making towards its aims and objectives
  • Be a source of challenge and support to the Head


Additionally, most governors will also be part of a sub-committee. The sub-committees have delegated authority from the Full Governing Body to make decisions in key strategic areas which require more focussed knowledge and discussion than can be expected within the Full Governing Body. This allows governors to build a depth of knowledge in a smaller area of school leadership, making the role much easier to do. At Christ Church Infants, the subcommittees are:


  • Finance, Staffing and Premises (FS&P) - who focus on the school budget; what money comes into the school, how the money should be spent and how the school achieves value for money against it's strategic aims and objectives
  • Standards and Curriculum (S&C) - who focus on the school curriculum; understanding what is being taught, how progress is being monitored and tracked across the curriculum, and whether the curriculum is providing the knowledge, skills and experiences for the students that we desire
  • Ethos - who focus on the school vision and values; what are the vision and values the school has and how are these reflected within the school to the pupils, the staff and to the wider community around the school


Governors at Christ Church Infants also enjoy being part of the wider school family. Governors are linked with classes in the school and look to support those classes practically throughout the school year with resources, fund-raising activities, or time spent with the class on visits or doing tasks such as reading with the students.

How will I be supported as a Governor?

Christ Church Infants Governors will support new governors by providing a mentor who is a more experienced governor who can act as a point of contact for any questions or provide any other support required. Questioning info is an important part of being a governor and no question is "too stupid".


Integra schools who provide educational support within South Gloucestershire Council run regular training sessions for Governors aimed at both new and experienced governors. These sessions teach governors new skills and provide access to expertise that help the governors develop as a group and improve their effectiveness in leading the school.


Other training and resources are often made available from the Department for Education and from the Bristol Diocese of the Church of England which support the governors in their roles.

What should I do next?

If you're interested in becoming a governor, or want to find out more, then please get in touch with the school governors through the contact form on the governor page or through the school. The governors would be happy to hear from you and discuss anything further with you directly.