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Proud to be part of the South Gloucestershire Learning Alliance

South Gloucestershire Learning Alliance

South Gloucestershire Learning Alliance

As part of an exciting but ever changing education climate, it is vital to be outward looking and collaborative to ensure the best outcomes both for our own children but also for those of the schools around us. To ensure that the systems and structures exist to challenge and support the leadership of every school, the South Gloucestershire Learning Alliance (SGLA) was created in 2018 by Heads with a shared vision of ensuring that South Gloucestershire is a  


The SGLA aims to ensure learning excellence in all participating schools with no school being without the supportive help of colleagues working together for the benefit of all. The Alliance is structured with a series of Hubs working in close partnership under the umbrella of the Alliance Board. The Hub we are part of is Ignite hub which consists of seven diverse, forward thinking and successful schools.

The ways that the learning alliance works together include

  • Creating inter school networks of shared excellence
  • Promoting effective working practises within participating schools
  • Providing data analysis and school improvement planning support
  • Quality assuring the work of Alliance School Improvement Advisors, including recruitment, training and monitoring of learning outcomes
  • Liaising with strategic partners from across the country to maximise educational and financial potential
  • Liaising with other learning networks across the country to share highly effective learning strategies
  • Reporting learning outcomes to the Local School Standards Board, the School Improvement Partnership Board and other stakeholders

If you would like to find out more about the South Gloucestershire Learning Alliance then please follow the link. 







Our Ignite Hub partners are Beacon Rise PrimaryPucklechurch PrimarySt Chad's PrimaryBarley Close PrimaryChrist Church InfantMarshfield Primary and Christ Church Junior


Ignite Hub

We are so proud to be part of such a forward thinking, aspirational hub and although each school is distinctly different in size, demographic, location, context and ethos, it is our differences and willingness to learn from each other that becomes our greatest strength. With a shared School Improvement Advisor as well as a wealth of shared learning opportunities we are able to facilitate growth for staff at all levels within our schools while reflecting on our practice and evolving our curriculum offer to the children within our care. 

 Our shared priorities and opportunities for collaboration during 2019-20 include

  • Maths leaders collaborating to develop maths discourse and times table confidence in partnership with a senior maths advisor
  • English leaders and Heads collaborating to evolve vocabulary teaching in our schools
  • Shared INSET with Pivotal behaviour to enable development of our behaviour strategies to ensure inclusive and supportive systems for all children
  • Regular Head's meetings to strategically plan, challenge and support each other
  • Engagement with the South Glos #Challenge events looking at coaching, curriculum development, Governor impact, EYFS-Y1 transition and disadvantaged pupils
  • Peer to peer school reviews, led by Deputy Heads and School Improvement Advisor, focused on modelling the new deep dive methodology
  • SEN and inclusion shared training for teachers and teaching assistants led by the Hub SENCO network
  • Opportunities for shared moderation of maths, writing and reading between schools
  • Showcasing examples of best practice for the teaching of reading and maths so that schools can critique practice and evolve provision
  • Shared CPD opportunities and networking between schools both within South Glos and around the country. 

Now in our third year of collaboration, we are striving to build on the success of 2019-20 with a focus on reading, maths, higher prior attainers, disadvantaged learners and curriculum design. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you feel we could learn from your school or if you would like to visit one of ours.