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Space Wow day

Term 3's topic was Space and to celebrate this we held a Space Wow day.  The children took part in different activities and took part in some experiments with Cosmic Kate from Mad Science.
Cheetah class have been making their own rockets and having a wonderful time letting them fly out in the playground.  They also really enjoyed the science workshop, wearing the masks was fun!
Crocodile class have been doing some amazing art work during this terms topic which we have displayed on the wall.  On Space day we made different sorts of rockets.  We made small small paper tubes to fit straws that you blew into to make them shoot off.  We made rockets out of cardboard tubes and used balloons on propel small rockets along string.  We also used a stomp rocket and had a competition to see who's would go the furthest.  It was an amazing fun morning! 
Penguin class have been working really hard on their rockets and have been making different types of them.  We collaborated and made rockets by cutting and painting some cardboard.  We made straw rockets and placed  a straw inside and blew them.  Then we made fruit kebab rockets and then enjoyed eating them, we had to follow lots of instructions.  We also enjoyed our Mad Science session.