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MAD Olympiad

The Y2 children went along to the MAD Olympiad on Thursday and made all of the staff feel incredibly proud. The weather was very changeable going from 'liquid sunshine' first thing to bright sunshine by the end of the morning.  It is a big event with hundreds of children from local schools and spectators but they marched around the track chanting CCI at the top of their voices with their arms around each other without a care in the world. The sportsmanship and respect they showed to each other and other schools made us feel very proud and rather emotional, especially when I heard them discussing who they should support if our teams weren’t running and began cheering them on. All of the children took part with 100% effort and we were delighted to see one of our girls get a silver medal for the egg and spoon race and for the Puma relay team to win the gold. In the heat they dropped the baton several times but just scraped through to the final by the skin of their teeth and then went on to win the final with a flawless performance and a lead of about 40m.  Special thank you to Mrs Botteley and Mrs Dickinson who come along on their days off and to Barnaby’s dad and Jonah and Pasha’s mums for coming along and being so helpful and supportive. It was lovely to have a few fans there too so thanks CCI parents and carers who could join us. Go Team CCI!