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Changes to drop off and pick up

Please see below the changes we have had to make and any updates to drop-off and pick-up;


Tiger Class drop-off and pick-up will change to the door that is by the scooter and bike shelter near the office.  This will be at the same time and will hopefully make the playground less congested.


Lion and Panda parents please use the whole playground to wait in at these times rather than just the front part.  The tyres are just guidance for the children at playtimes.


We are having lots of reports of children playing on equipment before school so Mr Jones and I will be in the playground reminding children not to do this as it compromises our zoned areas at playtimes. We don't want to stop children using this equipment during the day but will have to if it doesn't improve.  I know it's so hard but please teach all of your children, including younger and older siblings, that they need to stand by you and not use it. If you arrive just before the doors open and leaving promptly this should be manageable.


Please only go out of the front entrance if you are taking a CCJ pupil to school. Please keep to the left if you are doing this. I know the playground is congested and tricky to get through so if this is the case then please double back on yourself from the playground and leave by going past the office and Zebra Class.  This way should be quieter.


Only one adult per family must come onto the site please - I do understand why more come as it is lovely to drop off and collect your children but if you want to join them for the walk please then wait outside the gates while the other adult deliver them to the classes.  This will make the site much quieter.


Cheetah Class will be better to go past the office and around Zebra Class now that the timings have changed and hopefully this will ease congestion by Crocodile Class.


Please can all parents and carers think about where they are standing to let other people through.  

Everyone is welcome to wear a mask if they feel vulnerable and just remember that although you may not be worried or vulnerable, someone else may be. Please try to maintain social distancing at all times. 


Remember this isn't forever and you all play a part in making this run more smoothly.  Sorry to be a nag!
Mrs Martin