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Children showing compassion, collective worship and Living the values

This week Mr Jones taught the children about the word ‘Compassion’ highlighting the ‘passion’ part of the word encouraging us to think about showing with passion how much we care. We also learnt about the Unicef rights of a child and St. Andrew’s Day as that is on Sunday.



Children showing compassion to others

I would love to hear about how your children are showing compassion to others outside of school so if your child is doing something special for other people, whether in the wider community or in their family, I’d love to hear about this and celebrate it.  One of the most valuable things I think parents can teach their children is about how to show kindness and compassion to others and to think of others before themselves and I genuinely believe it will help them to turn into kind and compassionate adults who make our society a better place.  Covid does restrict this slightly but some nice ideas that I have tried with my own children or seen others do could include; making up packed lunches and delivering them to the homeless shelters or directly to homeless people in the centre of Bristol, writing letters and making cards for elderly neighbours or residential homes, doing a litter pick, donating some of their own money or raising some money for a charity.


Teaching children compassion is a vital part of their childhood learning journey – a skill that will help them throughout their life.  Through learning the importance of compassion, children will learn how to be kind to themselves, others and help those in need. As part of a broader skill se, compassion will help them to think creatively in situations, make decisions that inspire their personal journey, and pursue life with purpose.” Taken from Wild Kind Play School


This week the staff values award goes to Mrs Courtney for showing compassion to Britannia Court, our neighbouring retirement village, and a local Food Bank by donating produce and organising cards for people who may be lonely.  The children’s awards go to 2 Cheetahs – Emilia and Nicholas.  Both children show compassion for others all of the time and have been caring for each other this week alongside other people.