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New Systems at CCI

CCI and CCJ will be moving to a new Management Information System (MIS- currently called SIMS) during the next couple of months.  For the children they will know it as taking the register.  But for the grown-ups it will be loads more!   As the two schools are moving to the system, it will mean that messages (via the new Arbor App) for all your children will be in the same place, you will be able to book parents meetings, change your child’s details (ie dietary, address, your details) all through your app.  Our new reception parents will be able to add details of their children rather than lots of pieces of paper.  You will be able to see your child’s attendance and hopefully much more.  The infants move on the 1st March, whilst the junior school will move on the 1st April, so a few changes to our comms systems over the next couple of months, watch this space!