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....please don’t worry....

I’m sure there are lots of you out there this morning who are now worrying as you can no longer use the school place you had - this change comes in from Monday 18th (rest of this week as it has been).


I want to try and reassure you that we caught up so much of what was missed last March-July in Term 1 and 2 this year and I know our brilliant staff will do the same again this time. 


Your mental health and well-being and your children’s happiness is more important than getting the school work done that we set and you need to keep your jobs and look after other children.


That is the reality. 


We are required to set 3 hours of learning and in an ideal world we’d like children to do it but if they don’t nothing terrible will happen - we’ll help them to catch up when they come back. 


The priority above all is that we keep as many people safe as possible by keeping more children at home. 

If we reduce transmission because of this school ‘closure’ then hopefully all children come back to school sooner. 


We know this will be so much harder than last time but be kind to yourselves and just do what you can. 

Even if they just watch the video inputs over breakfast and read to you at bed time some days - that will do. Join the daily class calls if you can so your children see their friends, but if you can’t get them to face time a friend at the weekend.


Make sure you get time to go out for some exercise together. You have to stay mentally and physically healthy for your own well-being and in turn your children will feel safe and happy. 


We’ll get through this 💪🏻❤️