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Swimming is back!

We are delighted that swimming will return to the curriculum at CCI this week and can’t wait for the children to enjoy the beautiful new pool. Huge thanks to Jane Short from First Strokes for funding this project along with the donations made by families over the years.

Here is a bit information for you before your children start to swim at school.

  • EYFS classes will all swim first thing so please send them in with the swimwear on under their clothes, unless they are at breakfast club.
  • All children need to wear their PE uniform to school on their swimming days to make changing easier.
  • All children will need a towel and some suitable swimwear shoes like sliders, crocs or flip-flops to wear around to the pool once they have changed in the classroom. 
  • Children can wear goggles if they want to but need to be able to put these on themselves.
  • Children who aren’t swimming first thing will need to bring their towel, swimwear, shoes and goggles/hairbrushes if required in a named bag that can hang on their peg. A drawstring waterproof bag is ideal but please DO NOT buy anything new for this – a plastic bag is also fine!
  • If you have any spare swimwear, swimming shoes, hairdryers or towels we would love to have a small donation for each class as we usually share these between classes but can’t due to COVID.