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Swimming Pool – Can you help?

During a 'normal' year our children would have the opportunity to have one of their PE sessions as a swimming session. Our regular hirer, First Stroke Swimming pool is looking to support us in making improvements to our pool so it can continue for years to come. A new pool liner, fix the leaks, insulation, cladding is going to be fitted as stage one of the improvements, which our hirer will pay for, with a reduced rental fee from us, for the course of the next year. We cannot afford to do the pool ourselves, so we are delighted that our hirer has given this opportunity. This is in itself is simply amazing, but there is something that we are on the look-out for, we need some stainless steel steps to get in and out of the pool (two sets ideally, but one set would be perfect). Do you or know anyone, who could engineer/whittle/craft/make a set of steps? If you do, then please get in touch: