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Thank you to staff – gifts and funding donated

I wanted to find a way to say thank you to our whole staff team this term as they really have gone above and beyond to make sure that all of the children at home and in school are learning and are ok and the support they are showing all of our families has been incredible.  As you’ll know school budgets are limited and as we have over 50 staff members I needed some help.  I am so grateful to our families who have helped me with this as some of you have managed to gather items for us to give to staff and you also passed this letter on to other groups.  The Co-op in Downend also very kindly donated chocolates and wine. Special thanks to Cheryl Rudman and Anna Clifford for the lovely pens, sweets and toiletries.

Grace Church then got in touch with us after the lovely Sarah O’Driscoll shared my plea with the Pastor, Peter Bowley.  They have donated a staggering £500 which meant I could buy enough items to put together a gorgeous gift bag for all of our staff.  Peter wrote to me saying We as a community are grateful for all in the teaching profession who are having to work sacrificially during the pandemic to teach and care for our children. In becoming aware of your splendid idea of treating your teaching staff, we as a church would like to contribute £500 to your fund. Once again thank you all for what you are doing for our children, and we pray that you would all stay safe in the process.’ This gesture and generosity will make a huge difference to my team and so thankful to peter and the Grace Church community.