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What an end to 2019/20!

I just wanted to end a very strange year with a huge thank you.  

The staff have been inundated with gifts and cards with wonderfully kind words in and I’m sure they will join me in thanking you all.


The kind words are what mean the most as it has certainly been a challenging time and we are incredibly grateful to you all for your lovely messages. 


Today the keyworker and SEN children were in the elliot building with Premier Sport while the staff had a briefing about September and then set to task to return their classrooms to their pre-COVID state. There will obviously still be strict safety measures in place and classrooms with be less cluttered and easier to clean but it it was so lovely to see the single desks gone and easy to clean role play and reading areas reappear. 


All staff were safely back together today for the first time and we felt completely united as we set to work, having missed our colleagues and friends so much.


I would like to say well done to our amazing children for staying at home, being in school all along without friends and coming back with courage despite feeling nervous.

All of our parents and carers have been super supportive for the past 4 months and I haven’t had to deal with a single grumble even though it must have been highly stressful for you all. 


The staff have worked so hard whether from home or at school and their enthusiasm for teaching children they didn’t know has astounded me showing that education and care are their priorities at all times.


I’d like to wish you all a very happy summer...put away the home learning and toast yourselves for getting through a tough 4 months. You have all been amazing!


Anna Martin