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You ARE all doing amazingly well!

Morning all,


From chatting to a few families at home yesterday I am definitely getting the feeling that lots of you are really struggling and that last week and this week have been even harder than before. 


This is just a little note to remind you that you are ALL doing amazingly whatever your circumstances.


You are keeping your children safe and as happy as they can be and please feel so incredibly proud of that. 

None of you signed up for this but you are getting through each day somehow even though they may feel like very long days at times.


 Some days you’ll get more home learning done than others - some days you’ll feel invincible and some days as though you’ll crumble. This rollercoaster is so hard but some days will be better than others.


However you are feeling know that as a school we are completely in awe of you. You are doing incredibly. 


As a mum I can see how hard my own children and their dad are finding it at home so sympathise with every single one of you. I can also see how guilty others feel if their children are in school and they have no choice but to send them to school as are on the frontline. 


This isn’t easy for anyone but know that we are here. If you feel you are going to crumble just call us or pop up and we will tell you how well you are doing just to survive this. 


We are in this together and will come out the other side soon enough wondering how on earth we survived it but we will have. We’ll be stronger for it somehow although many days it’s hard to see how it won’t break us.


Hang in there lovely people - remember happiness in your homes in more important than anything so be kind to yourselves and judge what your children need without putting pressure on yourselves.


Sending you lots of love.

Anna Martin