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First week. Done!


Well, we have all made it to the end of an unimaginable week somehow. You probably can’t believe we are in this position again and feel there is so little to look forward to but try and remember that it will pass and we will come through it.


The staff at CCI have so much respect for you and your children. You’ve had to quickly revert to either suddenly becoming teachers again whilst you either work from home and/or look after siblings too or felt guilt because you’ve been someone who has to send your children in. Some of you have even felt guilty because we have asked for your children to be in for various reasons.


Everyone’s circumstances are hard right now so just always remember to be kind and not question why others are doing what they are doing.


All round the guilt needs to stop and you must stop putting pressure on yourselves. This is unprecedented and so hard, especially because many of you have done it once already.


All you can do is your best. Make time for you and your amazing children to have some down time and forget that your homes are schools or that your workplace is highly stressful. Go out, despite the weather, once a day just for a change and to re-energise yourselves but please stay safe and follow guidance to try and help this terribly hard period pass.


Our staff are here for you all the way. We will get through this together like we did last time and just remember that your children came bouncing back last time schools re-opened despite our concerns. As long as they feel loved and safe your little people can cope with just about anything.


You made it to Saturday you wonderful people, stay strong.