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Hot chocolate Fridays

Hot chocolate Fridays


Some of you will remember that before lockdown I used to invite a child from each class to have milkshake and biscuits with me on Fridays as a very special reward and to motivate everyone to have better behaviour.


This was introduced as part of our new behaviour strategy to focus on rewarding positive behaviour and to reward children for going 'above and beyond'. Each week staff would choose the person they felt most deserved this. This was often children who behave brilliantly all of the time, for being consistently ready, respectful and safe and doing their best with their learning regardless of the outcome.


We also try to recognise children who have managed to improve their behaviour but this has to be consistently better for a significant amount of time before we recognise that in this way (there are lots of other ways we do this too).


Sadly because we are trying to keep classes apart due to COVID I can no longer do this but Alana in Zebra Class made a suggestion that inspired me to find another way to say well done.


From next week I shall be sending home a little bag to a child in each class that include some goodies for your child to enjoy - a hot chocolate, some marshmallows and biscuits - and it shall include a certificate explaining what they have been noticed for.


This isn't quite the same experience as milkshake with me (some may prefer it though!) and I will really miss chatting to the children and saying well done in person but I thought it would be the next best thing.


If your child receives one of these bags please make sure you say a huge well done as this is a very special reward for a brilliant achievement - something I would be extremely proud of if my own children received it.


Mrs Martin

(I will wear gloves and a mask when I prepare these in a sterile area and it would be advisable to let them self clean for 72 hours.)