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Term 1 updates

Tomorrow you should receive a letter/slip telling you what coloured ‘house’ your child is in. There are 4 houses - red, green, blue and yellow and the children are put into these for events like sports day and to earn housepoints.  Once the children are out in a house they usually remain in that one unless new classes are imbalanced and we try to put siblings in the same coloured houses. 


Next Thursday (the last day of term) we would like the children to wear a top to school in their given colour so that they can really get to know which colour house they are in and to have some fun activities in their teams. They will also need these t-shirts later in the year for other events and sports day. Please try and borrow if you don’t have anything in that colour to reduce buying new items. 


On the last day of each term we always ask the children to wear non-uniform to celebrate the end of a term and to raise vital funds for the school. This time we will be collecting donations so that we can buy some lovely books to support next terms topic and some much needed glue sticks and white board pens. There is no requirement to donate but we are always extremely grateful if you can spare a small amount such as £1. 

Thanks for your support.